The Greenwing Macaw (The gental giant)

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Re: The Greenwing Macaw (The gental giant)

Post by greenwinged on Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:34 pm

Zippy, this description fit's my GW to a Tee! Sweetiest bird I every meet, and so easy to fall in love!
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The Greenwing Macaw (The gental giant)

Post by ziggy on Wed Mar 12, 2008 3:20 pm

This is one of my favorite Macaws it is also known as the gental giant, and rightfully so. This bird has one of the most laid back tempers of all Macaws. Like all birds if you are concidering on getting a Greenwing please watch all children while holding them. They are a heavy bird and kids have small fingers so a bird of this size can do a lot of damage if a nip happens.

Description: Is often mistaken for the Scarlet Macaw because of its predominantly red feathering. The breast of the Red-and-green Macaw is bright red, but the lower feathers of the wing are green. In addition, the Red-and-green Macaw has characteristic lines under the eyes like most larger macaws, but these markings on the Red-and-green Macaw are bright red.

Temperment: These birds are as calm as their Blue and Gold cousins, but as babies they enjoy a much high activity level. They are usually very affectionate, and do require a large amount of time like the other macaws. Most people agree that these macaws are very demanding of attention and space, so they definitely aren't for everyone.

Talking Ability: Low to Moderate.

Diet: Yellow-orange flesh between the brown skin and the cherry-sized nut of the palm fruit. It has the consistency of a raw potato. This made up nearly 100 percent of the macaw diet. Diet should consist of daily servings of fresh fruits, veggies . In-shell raw macadamia nuts and other in-shell nuts are needed to round out your macaw diet, as they need these nuts for their higher protein and fat content. Small portions of pasta, cooked chicken, turkey or chicken thigh bones, fruit salad, cooked legumes and any other leftovers can also be included in the diet.

Personality: A generally friendly bird that will interact with the whole family. They have an easy going nature and enjoy physical contact.

Cage: approx 36 in x 48 in OR BIGGER------LARGE CATEGORY A playstand is necessary as well as plenty of large toys.[img][/img]

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