Body Language and the signs of a strike This is a repost

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Re: Body Language and the signs of a strike This is a repost

Post by mama2babygirl on Wed Jun 18, 2008 11:08 pm

Thanks Mario Wink
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submission happy

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Body Language and the signs of a strike This is a repost

Post by ziggy on Tue Jun 17, 2008 12:29 pm

There has been alot of questions on training you bird and what are signs of aggression to me in Pm's and on the I'm. So here are some of the signs to watch for.

1) Eye Pinning= there pupils are dilated to a fine point. (sign of being disturbed or threatened, and excitement)
2)Crouching low on the perch with wings open and tail feathers fanned open,and beak open.( The bird is very nervous and is ready to strike).
3)Wings raised and beak open=(bird is scared and ready to fly)
4)Swaying back and forth on there perch along with hissing.(the bird is excited or upset)
5) Hissing( bird is upset and is ready to strike if you are in striking distance)
6) Eyes are oval or are in a 1/2 open state( bird is getting sleepy)
7) Puts up on hand at you. ( wants to be picked up)
Cool fluffs up his nape and bows. ( looking for a head rub)
9)fluffs up all of there feathers.( looking for attention but can also strike)
10) Panting( bird is nervous and needs to be calmed down)

There are many others to look for but this gives you a good look at some of the common ones that he/she will use on a day to day basis. Every bird will be differant so what my bird does to get attention or a reaction your bird might not. The items listed are in alot of books that tell you about body language and you should get to know them. Alot of people get nipped because they misunderstand what the bird is trying to say. Please try to get some good reading material or ask your avian vet for some literature and get to know the signs. Birds cant tell us what they want except with there body language. 2 great books to look for are Parrot Training by Bonnie Munro and she has another one called My Parrot My Friend these are 2 great books you should have in you library. Barrons also have great books there guide to books are great also. The books are from Mattie Sue Athan great books also to have.

Thanks Mario

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