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Post by ziggy on Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:45 am

Yesterday, Saturday, at an open meeting in Yacolt, the Yacolt Parrot Preservation Association (YPPA) announced that agreement had been reached between Clark Public Utilities, the Town of Yacolt, and the YPPA, for the long-term management of the population of naturalized Quaker Parrots that has settled in and around Yacolt. Texts of the emails received by the YPPA from the Mayor of Yacolt and from Clark are attached below. The YPPA is delighted that the negotiations it has been having with the Town and with Clark have at long last culminated in adoption of this plan, and looks forward to other volunteer groups working cooperatively with us towards the common purpose of following the plan to preserve the lives and liberty of these wonderful wild birds. Practical 'olive branches' were exchanged between YPPA and a representative of several other groups and the YPPA looks forward to receiving reciprocal positive responses. The formal announcement follows.

Dateline: Yacolt, February 15, 2008: For Immediate Release

Yacolt Parrots will be safer:

YPPA the Local Support Group, Clark Public Utilities, and Town of Yacolt Agree on Long-term Plan.

The YPPA are very pleased to announce that the Town of Yacolt and Clark Public Utilities have agreed to adopt the YPPA long-term management plan for the naturalized Quaker Parrrot population in and around the town of Yacolt, Washington. This plan was developed and proposed by the YPPA in cooperation with the Town and Clark, and is based upon extensive research by all parties. The plan will provide for alternate nesting sites for the parrots, will provide for a humane way of discouraging the birds away from Clark's utility poles, and will provide for opportunities for the YPPA to save birds that may otherwise have been lost in any future teardowns of any nests that reach habitability. The YPPA particularly acknowledges Clark's willingness to purchase the 'orange sleeves' and fund their installation, and we are very pleased that Clark has agreed to provide advance notice to YPPA should Clark find any inhabited nests, so that we can arrange life-preserving action for the birds. Clark has stated that it will continue to tear down nest starts, which the YPPA continues to ask Clark to cease doing.

The YPPA acknowledges the practical assistance it has received from a number of individuals and groups around the United States. In particular we wish to thank Marc Johnson of Foster Parrots for the plans for the alternate nesting poles; PSE&G who generously provided information to YPPA and to Clark about the 'orange sleeves', and to Edgewater Parrots for the introduction to them and a description of the nest management plan; and the many university researchers who have published their study material on the Internet. Many other individuals and organizations that have helped sustain our efforts will be acknowledged separately.

The YPPA truly believes that this is a victory for the power of quiet and reasonable negotiation and activity between parties honestly trying to arrive at a practical and humane outcome to a difficult situation, and calls for an end to all hostile and negative attacks on the parties involved. The YPPA is grateful to the wider community of animal activists for their encouragement, but remains completely committed to its unambiguous condemnation of all harassment and illegal activities directed against individuals, Yacolt residents, elected officials and Clark Public Utilities employees.



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