Looking for a Senegal Parrot?? Near Reno, NV??

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Looking for a Senegal Parrot?? Near Reno, NV??

Post by skprest12 on Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:05 pm

I have a year old, (approximately 13 months) Senegal Parrot that I am no longer in the position to give the care he/she deserves. With a mostly green body, beautiful deep grey face, and a yellow and orange chest this bird is a looker. I have the 'certificate of testing' certificate dated 9/10/08 that is negative. A good sized cage, and food/bathing dish, and plenty of toys that would come with (Jude). Because of the lack of time I have to spend with him/her the bird has not attached to me or my voice that I am aware of. I am open to a price, but would most of all would love to see this Parrot go to a good home with time and attention to give.


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