More breeds of the cockatoo

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More breeds of the cockatoo

Post by Ronda on Thu Mar 13, 2008 1:49 pm

Blue Eyed Cockatoo-Cacatua ophthalmica

Size-20 inches

Weight-500 to 570 grams

Description-Large backward curving yellow feathers that are hidden, until raised. Plumage is white with yellow suffusion under the wings and tail feathers. Beak is black as is the eyes of a male. The females eyes are usually reddish in color.

Origin-Bismarck Archipelago: New Britain and New Ireland

Pet Quality-This bird is too rare to be considered as a pet. In other peoples experiences this is one of the Best in personalities of the Cockatoo species, they love to play, are affectionate, lay on their backs, can be picked up in any fashion, and love to mimic just about anything!

Status-Extremely Rare

Ducorps Cockatoo-Cacatua ducorpsii

Size-12 to 13 inches

Weight-360 grams

Description-All White bird with Salmon colored down below the cheek feathers and upper chest. Bone colored beak with helmet shaped crest.

Origin-Solomon Islands, Bougainville and to East Malaita.

Pet Quality-Make Excellant all around pets! Can learn a variety of tricks and love to be the center of attention! This is a highly intelligent bird.

Status-Rare, but becoming more availible.

Red Vented or Philippine Cockatoo-Cacatua haematuropygia
Size-12 inches
Weight-300 grams
Description-Plumage White with a slight yellow tinge , underside of tail and flight feathers yellow, undertail coverts red margined with white. Crest is helmet shaped and beak is horn colored.
Origin-Philippine Islands
Pet Quality-It would be wrong to consider this Cockatoo as a pet as it is rare, but in personality it is closest to the Goffins Cockatoo.
Status- Rare

Western Long Billed Corella-Cacatua pastinator
Size-16 to 17 inches
Weight-600 to 650 grams
Description-Lores are orange red with the rest of the plumage white. Bases of feathers of head, nape,mantle, breast and flanks orange red. Underside of flight and tail feathers are pale yellow. Beak is Horn colored while the crest is helmet shaped.
Pet Quality-One of the most delightfull Cockatoos of all! They are extremely intelligent and playfull. They can talk very clearly and are always into mischief! They do require quality outime with their favorite person and have to be watched because they can get into all kinds of trouble! A real outgoing personality!
Status-Rapidly Declining

Gang Gang Cockatoo-Callocephalon fimbriatum

Size-14 inches

Weight-280 grams

Description-Feathers gray, margined with grayish white. Head red in the male, gray in the female. Outer webs of the wing coverts, tinged dull green. Feathers of females underparts margined with orange and yellow. Beak is Horn colored. Crest is flimsy and less developed-almost like a disarrangement of feathers.


Pet Quality-Makes an excellant pet, but due to its high maintenance and rareity few should be kept as a pet. Only people with extensive Cockatoo experience should keep this bird.

Status-Rare and Endangered

Glossy Black Cockatoo-Calyptorhynchus

Size-19 inches

Weight-430 grams

Description-Head and neck and underparts dark brown and upper parts black. The two central tail feathers are black and five feathers on each side have a broad scarlet-sub terminal band. Does not have a "True" crest. Beak is gray in color.


Pet Quality-A very exceptional pet with an unusual repore with their owners. They are very loving and are very intelligent. Due to its uncommon availibility is not a usual pet and should be kept for breeding or by an experienced Cockatoo person.

Status-Common in its regions, but Endangered

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo-Calyptorhynchus funereus

Size-26 inches

Weight-760 to 900 grams

Description-Brownish-Black feathers with splashes of yellow. The two central tailfeathers blackish-brown with speckles of yellow, ear coverts are yellow as are the neck and feather underparts.


Pet Quality-Has a nervous personality and due to its extremely high price is not likley to be kept as a pet.

Status-Uncommon and Endangered

White Tailed Black Cockatoo-Calyptorhynchus latirostris

Size-26 inches

Weight-540 to 790 grams

Description-The plumage is black, the feathers are margined with grayish white, the two central tail feathers are black while the rest are white. Beak is grey and it has a small helmet shaped crest.

Pet Quality-Cannot stand close confinement and is virtually never kept as a pet.
Status-Uncommon and Endangered



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