Welcome & Thank you....

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Welcome & Thank you....

Post by Ronda on Thu Mar 13, 2008 11:00 pm

WOW! I want to thank everyone! We are up to 18 members!!!!! And all in just 2 Days!! I'm soo excited! I'm still adding things here and there, but if there is something that isn't up yet, just put a reminder in the request room and I will keep looking! I'm sorry if I don't get to everything at the beginning it's all been soo much work affraid But it's turning out pretty nicely I think. I want to hear everyone's ideas so please don't keep quite and I mean in more ways than one lol.

I want to thank Everyone! I do want to put a special thanks out to my Mods and Admin- Tiffani, Mario, Joe, Berna, Jessie, & Devyn. If not for them I would still have empty rooms! I could probably go on and on, cause excitement will do that to you lol. But thanks everyone! Ok I'm done now lol

I guess I'm not lol. I want to mention for everyone to scroll all the way down the page. There is a chat room and check out the Health room and the other rooms down there. And don't forget to check your PM's. We have those here too! It's at the top of the page. Ok I think I got it all now lol



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