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Squash's story...

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Squash's story... Empty Re: Squash's story...

Post by shijin123 Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:27 am

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Squash's story... Empty Squash's story...

Post by Guest Sun Mar 16, 2008 7:02 am

She is a re homed......

I rescued Squash in Feb last year. Her name was Mr Cranky, then she laid an egg & named was changed to Mrs Cranky lol!

She was given to me by someone through work because she was unable to give her the care she needed. So, reluctantly, I took her. In the end I thought if she's a problem in our house then I know someone who will definitely take her on & take really good care of her. But me being me, I couldn't resist trying first!! She was quite a screamer due to lack of interaction, we desperately needed to wear ear plugs for a while. My ekkie was pretty annoyed too about all the noise & I was certain he'd be the first to pick up her screams & loudness. Thankfully it never did happen. Eddie would just venture off into his cage in his room at the other end of the house for some peace & quiet. We all often joined him...

First thing Dave did was rename her Squash for 2 reasons. 1, it's what's gonna happen if she doesn't pipe down LOL.
2, because of her colours.

We basically re trained her in everything when we got her & the results were not only amazing but very quick. Her attitude changed within a couple of months of having her. She became a quiet bird very quickly once she got used to her new play gym. All my birds live on gyms & sleep in their cages. Squash demanded attention for a short while but as soon as she started to explore her gym, she stopped demanding attention all together.

She was also a biter, OUCH!! She hated men & she refused to be taken out of her cage, yet at the same time it looked like she wanted to come out. Fixing the hating men was easy for us to sort out. We knew how much she needed attention, loved to be on her gym & since I worked a few days at a time, Dave was the only one home. So she had a choice, bite the bullet & start to like Dave & allow him to pick her up so she can spend the day out of her cage or put up with being stuck in her cage until I get home in 1 or 2 days!! She was smart.... within the first hour she chose to let Dave take her out, since then she absolutely loves him!

Since she refused to be taken out of the cage & handled much by either of us we let her come to us at the edge of the cage. If she didn't, we'd walk away. She learnt this quickly too.

6 months after having her she stopped biting completely. If she is definite about not being picked up or touched by us, she will now gently grab our finger & push it away.

She's learnt what it means when I say 'going to the shops' & 'going to work'. Some days she turns her back & chucks a saddie at me when I say I'm going to work because it means I don't see her until the following day.

She's a typical sun conure. She announces to the world everyone who comes up our driveway, walks past the house, sees a dog, she's a dobber too LMAO if my tiel or ekkie are doing something naughty she will let us know with her screams. We've learnt her different screams, different pitches & now know what each means, including any ones to deliberately stir us by getting our attention!! Apart from that she is the quietest bird in our house now!! She's 5 years old & no longer referred to as gonna be squashed if she doesn't pipe down LOL It took her a little while to pick up her new name Squash, took her a while to forget her old one. For a while she still reacted to Mr Cranky, now she doesn't. We've also nick named her little squishels & she must like it because she's picked this name up very fast LOL

Her diet has changed to a natural fresh & cooked food diet. Her orange feathers seem to be a little brighter than usual too. Reason for the diet change? Where I live it's extremely difficult to get the right pellets. It's a lot easier to make food for her & all my birds. I also live very close to an avian vet who knows my birds histories well which helps. Squash was on a good quality fruit, nut, seed mix but not the ideal whole diet for any parrot. So far I've been lucky. Every bird I've had has readily helped themselves to any food I have offered them so changing diets has been really easy.


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