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Joe, about your video - lol - the one that made me laugh

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Joe, about your video - lol - the one that made me laugh Empty Re: Joe, about your video - lol - the one that made me laugh

Post by Ronda Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:02 pm

Thank you very much! It is a pleasure to have members here that are soo friendly and helpful with each other!

As for the training with your Obie, you are doing well! Keep up the good work, just remember that when he flies off to bring him back for a few minutes so he doesn't think "Oh if I fly off she puts me back where I wanted to go" it has to be your idea not his.

I grew up with a 100% Italian mother so sounds like we are in the same boat lol. I had soo much spaghetti when I was growing up I don't fix it but maybe once a month now lol.

I always wanted to look into a medical transcriptionist. Maybe one day you can tell me a little bit more about it in a pm or something!

Hope you have a great day as well!! Laughing

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Joe, about your video - lol - the one that made me laugh Empty Joe, about your video - lol - the one that made me laugh

Post by Lovelylew Mon Apr 14, 2008 11:42 am

Laughing is contageous! You were laughing and looked like you were having so much fun playing with your parrots - lol - they looked like they were having just as much fun. Was the parrot actually laughing too? I thought I heard some laughs coming from him as well, but I couldn't be sure! Too funny, though, thanks for sharing the video, I enjoyed it.

I see you are a New York Italian. Funny, I went to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Naples, Florida and they have friends there from New York, and are Italian as well. I'm half Italian, by the way, my Dad's dad was actually from Italy. Anyway, funny how the New Yorkers call their pasta "macaroni and gravy." Do you use that term as well? We had a delicious pasta dish which consisted of penne, sweet Italian sausage, egg plant in the sauce; the sauce made without oregano (I always make mine with the oregano). So, I tried to duplicate the recipe for my husband when I got back home, but I forgot the red wine, an ingredient which obviously added much flavor. It turned out okay, but her pasta was so much better. Anyway,thought I'd share this story since I read you apparently were in the restaurant business, were from New York, and an Italian gentleman. Read/saw the picture about the lasagne recipe you shared with another forum member. Gotta love that Ialian food - lol

As you probably know, I've been trying to get Obi to enjoy being touched. Well, yesterday during my little training/touch session, he bit me on the thumb and then flew away - lol - so I picked him up, tried talking to him, and then put him on the top of his cage, a place he loves. Patience is the key, and I'm trying to be very very patient with him, so please wish me luck. Will write more about the training on the Training Board of this forum, but wanted to mention that briefly. I can't wait until my little Obi allows me to have the fun you and your parrots have during your play sessions!

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I took a break from work and thought I'd write down a few things before starting back up. I'm a self-employed medical transcriptionist, so I break often throughout the day and read a little here and there; otherwise, this job would be extremely boring.

Thanks to Rhonda, again, for inviting me here. I like the style and communication on this forum!

Have a great day everyone! Wink
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