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How to post pictures here on the forum~

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How to post pictures here on the forum~ Empty How to post pictures here on the forum~

Post by Ronda Tue Jun 10, 2008 4:39 pm

It has been brought to my attention that even the ones who do post are posting too big, even though it looks ok on our screens there are other members that only see half of the picture. It will vary depending on if you just go to the bottom of the page or if you hit reply to a message but the symbol is the same. You hit the little box that has a picture in it and than there is a little square disk in front of that picture. If you hover over the boxes at the top they are all named, this box is called "Host an Image" If you click on this box it will bring up another box for you to browse your computer files as to where you have your pictures stored. Find the photo you want and click it and than hit open. Now before you hit Host it, you must resize it! There is one on there that says forum, but you DON'T want this one! You want the next size under it which is 640 px width for websites. If the picture is resized to this I have found that everyone can than see the whole picture instead of only part of it. Than click "Host It" it will take a second depending on your computer and speed, you than highlight or sometimes just click the middle one that says "Image" right click it, copy it, than click that little box again that you originally clicked with the picture and the disk (Host image button) to get rid of the box. Now where you type your message,right click again and hit paste. You just pasted the code for your picture and even though on your end it just looks like mumble jumble when you hit send it should show your picture!

Now another way to do it as well as sign up if you don't already have one to and upload pictures there and make sure they are the correct size than copy the IMG code and come here and paste them in the box where you type and it will do the same thing. Than hit send and you should see your picture.

But there were many members not being able to see all of someone's picture so I wanted to let everyone know to re-size it for the website one instead of the forum one. And to also help the ones who are new and trying to figure it out. I hope this helps! If you have any questions please feel free to respond to this post. Thank you!

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