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The Red Fronted Macaw

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The Red Fronted Macaw Empty The Red Fronted Macaw

Post by ziggy Wed Mar 12, 2008 3:14 pm

I have seen this cool bird in person and it has a great personallity and is a loving bird.

Description: This medium-sized macaw is bright green in colour with an orange-red forehead and crown, and a small patch of red behind the eye. The shoulders and thighs are also orange, the primary feathers of the wing are blue and the tail is olive-green tipped with blue.

Diet: The red-fronted macaw feeds on seeds and fruit, but they often feed on crops including maize and ground nuts, as natural food is often very scarce.

Status: The reasons for the drastic decline of this species include widespread habitat loss and degradation, largely as a result of conversion to agriculture but also caused by logging and collection of firewood. This species is illegally trapped for the pet trade, but the scale of this problem is unclear. Furthermore, as the natural food sources of this bird are lost it has to rely more on crops.

Availability: It is highly endangered, and there may only be 150 or so birds left in the wild.The Red Fronted Macaw 100_5935

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