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The Military Macaw = The great friend=

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The Military Macaw  = The great friend= Empty The Military Macaw = The great friend=

Post by ziggy Wed Mar 12, 2008 3:48 pm

This is a great bird that has a great personallity. Not as common as the others because of its so called Blah coloring. I love this bird it has a special way about it. What it lacks in color it makes up in personallity. This is a great choice for a bird lover that wants a Macaw and does not want the screaming and the nipping at times. They do scream but not as much as the Blue and Gold and the Scarlett.

Description: Description: The Military Macaw is the smallest of the large macaws, acquiring a total length of about 28 inches The color is primarily green with a slight bluish tinge along the edges of the flight feathers. They have red feathers above the cere. Their lack of brilliant colors sometimes affects their price which is lower than other macaws.

Temperament: This is also a very charming bird. Their silly mannerisms and coquettishness are enough to soften the toughest of guys. Red-fronted Macaws have an astounding zest for life combined with a great sense of humor. Of course they are also mischievous. They like to get into a bit of trouble now and then and see just what they can get away with. They're a good family macaw that will interact with different members of the family.

Personality: They're affectionate, outgoing, and have an inquisitive personality which makes them more than worth their price.

Socialization: They make good family birds and will often play with different family members. They're not very moody.

Diet: The Military Macaw doesn't require a specialized diet but don't forget their protein requirements. Beans and brown rice are excellent choices to fulfill their needs. Lots of fruit and veggies will keep the Military in top condition. They love apples and pears.

Toys: As with all the other macaws, they are chewers and need toys that can be destroyed.

Talking: They can have a good vocabulary if people continually talk to it.

Noise Level: High

Cage: Approx 36 in x 48 in or bigger----------LARGE CATEGORYThe Military Macaw  = The great friend= Military

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