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The Waglers...AKA Red-Fronted Conure

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The Waglers...AKA Red-Fronted Conure Empty The Waglers...AKA Red-Fronted Conure

Post by Brilliantfids Thu Mar 13, 2008 2:49 am

There is almost no info available on these conures, I am lucky enough to have one in my flock!! His name is truman and hes wonderful....most of the time. He is a typical conure, loud, nippy, and a one person bird. He often becomes hormonal around other birds and will gaurd them with his life, he gets that way around me also. The Waglers conure is a very Large conure, bigger than a mitred actually. I have a mitred in my flock also and Truman is a good deal bigger than carter(mitred)! I will update this as I learn more about Truman and his crazy ways!!!

An adult Red Fronted Conure, also known as Wagleri or Wagler's Conure, can easily be misidentified as an adult Finsch's Conure. When the red touches the eye ring however, that is a clear indication it is not a Finsch's Conure. On ocassion, misidentification can occur when the Red Fronted Conure's head color does not touch the eye ring, but determination can be made by the fact that the red patch is larger and not as clearly defined as in the Finsch's

Here is a picture of my Waglers(truman) The Waglers...AKA Red-Fronted Conure 100_1356

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