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The Cherry Headed Conure

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The Cherry Headed Conure Empty The Cherry Headed Conure

Post by Brilliantfids Thu Mar 13, 2008 3:13 am


Cherry-heads, sometimes also called Red-masked Conures, have a very rich green color. Their heads are bright red and they also have isolated red feathers on their necks. There is some red on the thighs and also the carpal edge of the wings and the lesser and median under wing coverts are red. The naked eye ring is a muted white, and the beak is horn colored. Feet are of gray color. Size is 13 inches long.

Cherry-heads are often confused with the Mitred Conure and do look a lot alike. But have more distinctive, solid red masks on their heads than the Mitred's mottled reds and are are smaller than the 15-inch Mitred.

Immature birds, do not show any red on their heads and slowly start having the colors come in at around 6 months. The red color will intensify with each molt.

Natural Range
Red-masks are found in the Southwestern Ecuador and northwestern Peru. They prefer the edges of forests or in partially open areas with forest remnants. Occasionally will habitat on the edge of rain forest or near towns. They have been spotted in elevation up to 7000 feet.


Not readily found in aviculture but getting more and more popular. They like to live in larger colonies and can get very vocal. There is one wild flock of Red-masks and Mitreds in San Francisco, Calif. This flock is known as the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.


Cherry-heads are very intelligent, lovable birds. They often master quite a large vocabulary, talking almost as much as the Blue-crown. (In fact, they typically get along with Blue-crowns quite well.) They are very affectionate and like to play. They also like to chew, so many wood toys should be provided for in order to keep them occupied.


Cherry-headed conures often breed during the hotter part of the year when most other conures rest.

Three to four eggs are the average clutch size and incubation time is 23 to 24 days. Nestboxes are 10 x 11 x 24.

Babies will wean around 11 to 12 weeks. Immature birds are solid green. Babies will start growing some red feathers for their masks at around 4 months of age. The red masks slowly fill in more and more as the bird grows to maturity.

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